black ugg boots reversal: from history to the history of the most ugly tide

March 2010, "UGG" succeeded in finding the most important popular series of nodes: from fashion idol lead to the spread of loyal fans and press, then to the general public to follow and reinterpreted.

A few years ago, called "UGG" snow boots suddenly swept Europe and America. This pair of fashion who have been critical of harsh comments as "the history of the most ugly" shoes, in the absence of large-scale advertising and strong marketing support in the case, but making the world's most irresistible pop culture in recent years,
These two years, "genuine ugg boots" detonated by popular agitation also blew into China.

"UGG" are intended to be UglyBoots (ugly shoes), this is like snow boots with sheepskin with wool wrap his feet after a simple sewn, thick ugly stupid, but very light and warm. Deckers company bought UGGAustralia brand after that, with exquisite materials (must be Australian A-level anti-wool skin) and comfortable foot feeling, "UGG" can break the barriers of the professional market by more consumers .

The traditional marketing model for the UGG is obviously not feasible, this looks ugly stupid and difficult to match shoes, hard into the fashion circle of discourse of opinion leaders stuff. So, Deckers turn to convince the fashion circle of discourse in another "Lighthouse" - star. They first try to one pair of "UGG" as a gift for that time due to star in "Beach Guard" and was crazy chasing paparazzi shot of the actress Pamela Anderson, and also wisely included a pair of cheap ugg boots uk to Anderson little daughter. UGG foot feeling so comfortable to wear to the small Anderson feet first, and her daughter with parents installed, Anderson also tried to wear a "UGG".

In sensitive people brought back a handful of popular curiosity after, Deckers decided to start a planned exposure to the paparazzi who were the stars most frequently presented "UGG". In 2000, the United States, "talk show queen" Oprah Winfrey sent on receipt of Deckers "UGG" was very like, then gave her to buy 350 pairs of all employees, and the show "Oprah's Favorites "Introducing the unit to the audience of this pair of shoes. As a result, more and more people began to notice the odd shape but was many celebrities love boots, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio , and even Spielberg family are often dressed in "uggs uk" appeared in public, and their street shooting pictures frequently appear in fashion magazines, "lead by example" to affect people's everyday wear trend.